Live in Luxury. Live at Inland Residential.

Eco-Friendly Living

We are dedicated to combining comfortable and convenient living with environmentally conscious practices. At Inland Residential, we firmly believe that you do not have to sacrifice the environment in order to live in luxury.

Smoke-Free Options

At Inland Residential, we believe that the health and safety of our residents is of the utmost importance.  For this reason, we have made a point of turning some portions of our properties into smoke-free environments, with many communities being entirely smoke-free. We have smoke-free communities in multiple states, providing a community where residents can breathe easy.

Energy Efficiency

An increasing number of Inland Residential communities are equipping units with energy efficient appliances and heating/cooling options. As efficient and sustainable technologies continue to expand and grow, we are committed to incorporating energy saving methods into our properties moving forward. When you live at an Inland Residential community, you can be confident that your residence is helping to make a difference in the environment.


Many Inland Residential communities offer recycling and VIP trash services. These efforts allow our residents to do their part for the environment by making the process easy. We realize that every small effort makes a big difference.

Outdoor Living

Numerous Inland Residential communities are located in breathtaking parts of the country, with many wonderful outdoor activities just waiting to be explored. Whenever possible, we try to incorporate the outdoors into our properties. This includes dog parks, picnic and recreation areas, playgrounds and walking/biking trails. We encourage all of our residents to get out and enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer.